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Brian Messina

Brian has been in the Car Wash Industry for over 30 years and desires to give you the best car wash experience in the area. He started his career in the industry as a car wash attendant and then worked up to maintaining and managing several washes throughout his career.
15 years ago Brian and his wife visited this car wash site in Derry and prayed that it would one day be theirs. After 13 years of being the General Manager of the formerly known Pro-Wash Car wash Brian purchased this location in January of 2012. Becoming an owner of Royal "t" Car Wash has been a dream come true.


At Royal "t" Car Wash our first goal is to put out a quality car, but equally important is that each of our customers feel appreciated and treated like "Royalty". So we have made it our tagline.....

"Let us treat you like royalty"

We appreciate you coming to the Wash and hope that you get to meet any of our 5 children that serve alongside of us. Overall our goal as a family owned business is to help you experience that washing and detailing your car can be a highlight to your day.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Laura & Brian Messina, Owners