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Tailored Cleaning by You, for You


For the car care enthusiasts who prefer a hands on approach, our Self Serve bays are the ideal choice, offering a range of tools and products to make your vehicle sparkle on your terms.

Whether you're conducting a routine clean, addressing specific areas, or giving your vehicle a comprehensive wash, our Self Serve bays provide the flexibility and tools necessary for a perfect DIY job. Visit us today, and experience the satisfaction of cleaning your car, your way. 

Our Self Serve Bays are equipped with everything you need for that meticulous exterior wash, our bays provide the space and tools for a custom clean including:

-High pressure soap: Blast away the grime with our high-pressure soap, designed to cleanse thoroughly without damaging your car's paint. 

- Wheel & Tire Cleaner: Utilize our specialized cleaner to break down the toughest grime on your wheels, restoring their shine and preventing brake dust build up. 

- Foam Brush: With our foam brushes, apply a gentle but effective scrub to your vehicle's surface, ensuring a scratch-free clean.

-Foam Polish Conditioner: After the wash, apply our foam polish conditioner to add an extra layer of shine and protection to your vehicle's exterior.

-High pressure Wax: Seal in the clean with our high-pressure wax application, providing a protective layer and a glossy finish. 

-Power Blow Drivers: Complete your self-service with our powerful blow dryers, removing every droplet of water for a spotless result. 

In addition to our self serve bays we also offer:

Vacuums: Let our industrial- strength vacuums extract every bit of dirt and debris from your vehicles interior, ensuring no corner is left untouched. 

Shampoo Machines: Our high-grade shampoo machines are ready to tackle your carpets and upholstery, removing stains and refreshing every fiber.

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